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Ivan Bruyako - Editor

Ivan works in the newspaper since January 2, 1993. He began as a volunteer helping to Nikolay Vodnevskiy to enter subscribers' addresses into a computer.  Later, Nikolay began to teach him the newspaper layout and editing, passing his experience,  knowledge, and ethical standards of work and service to the Lord to Ivan.

In 2008, after Nikolay went to be with Jesus, Ivan Bruyako was appointed to the newspaper editor. Currently, Ivan collects materials for a weekly newspaper, edits it, makes the layout, directs the entire work of the editorial board.

Ivan works together with his wife, Tamara Bruyako. He and his wife have seven children.
Тамара Бруяко  Tamara Bruyako - Head of the expedition

Tamara is in the staff since 1995, after Nikolay Vodnevskiy invited her to assist him in the office. She was assigned to work with mail and subscriptions. During more than twenty years, she faithfully serves God in the "Our Days" office.

Her responsibilities in the office changed a little bit over time. She is currently answering telephone calls of subscribers, completes subscriptions for clients from different countries, works with e-mail, and perform many other office duties .

  Tatyana Protopopova and Lubov  Voronina - Correctors

Articles, poems and other newspaper's materials should be checked for style and spelling errors. Sisters Tatyana Protopopova and Lubov Voronina perform this work for many years.

Philip Tolok - Webmaster

Philip was born in Ukraine in 1964 in a family of believing parents. In 1990 he made a covenant with the Lord. In 2001, together with his family, his wife and four children, he immigrated to America.

In 2005, Ivan Bruyako invited him to help with publishing newspaper information online. Being a college student, Philip took a few special and then developed a simple website for the newspaper.

Brother Philip is still serves as a web master on volunteering  basis.