Interesting Facts

The May 28-30, 1966  - Pacific Coast Slavic Baptist Association appoints Nikolay Vodnevskiy  to the Editor of "Our Days" newspaper.
June 11, 1966 - a very first issue of the newspaper is released.
January 16, 2003  - fire in the office; everything was burned including all documents, newspaper archive, and equipment.

Newspaper's offices locations

  • The first one - a small building near Bryte Church on Solano street.
  • Second one - apartment on Franklin Blvd. that belonged to the 1st Slavic church.
  • Third one - Broderick, on the Welland Way in the building that belonged to the Association PCSBA.
  • Fourth one - a private house, Ivan Bruyako's house of Ivan Bruyako at Englewood St.
  • Fifth one - in the new PCSBA's office building in Broderick on Welland Way.

Current Offices locations in different countries

  1. Sacramento, United States
  2. Nikolaev, Ukraine (in a private home)
  3. Chisinau, Moldova (in a private home)
  4. Düsseldorf, Germany (in a private home)

Newspaper's circulation

The current newspaper's circulation  is 10,000 pieces weekly. The newspaper is sent to the 42 countries around the world.



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